Maple sugaring season

Production from March to April


Sugar Bush

The maple sector is of great importance to us. When the cold of winter makes way to the March sun for the sap to rise in the trees, it is a pleasure to be in the woods, our sugar bush, which now has about 15,000 taps. Trying to make the best possible use of the resources available to us, we boil concentrated maple sap on wood. Plus, although this does not change the taste, we are working to obtain organic and carbon neutral certifications in order to be more eco-responsible.

We produce the four categories of maple syrup: golden with a delicate taste, amber with a rich taste, dark with a robust taste and very dark which is mainly used for baking*. You will find our product at the farm, at summer markets, as well as in grocery stores.

*We would like to thank L’érable du Québec for the detailed information.