Our History

Our History

From Generation To Generation

La Ferme aux Mille Cailloux is located near the New York border, at 45 minutes south of Montreal. It is established on a particularly rocky ground; A soil so hard to cultivate but which delivers all its flavors to those who cultivate it with conviction and love.

Over the years, La Ferme aux Mille Cailloux has undergone major expansions and diversifications of its productions. The farm originally operated an orchard and a maple grove. Today, in addition to these two productions, the farm has two more, the production of strawberries and various berries (raspberries, blueberries, cherries, etc.) and lamb rearing.

The Owners

The current owners are Louis-Charles Faille and John-William Faille. All are graduates of the Institute of Agri-Food Technology in their respective disciplines. Together, they use their know-how to put healthy and delicious products on your tables.