Welcome to La Ferme aux Mille Cailloux

Products from us to you

Our 5th generation family business is rooted in a particularly rocky parcel of land, a difficult territory to cultivate, but which delivers all its flavors. Located in the municipality of Franklin in Montérégie, our 450 acres farm transforms itself throughout the seasons.

At Mille Cailloux, we offer our customers local products of the highest possible quality all year round. In summer, you will find juicy berries (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, morello cherries) and the possibility to do U-Pick. Then, when fall arrives, pear season is in full swing, as is the apple season. Following, in winter, it is the preparation for maple sugar time and the birth of more organically raised lambs from the Ferme des Petits Moutons, just in time for spring.

Less than an hour south of Montreal, the countryside will charm you. Come visit us, savor local products, have a picnic, or even camp. Free entry.