We are open everyday from 9am to 6pm. Come see us at the farm! We'll be happy to serve you.

Berry picking at its best at La Ferme aux Mille Cailloux

From the small pebbles in our fields, to the food on your plate

It all starts with the love of the earth and with the desire to reach our potential through our activities and an diligent work. Our mission is to offer you fresh and high quality products. At la Ferme aux Mille Cailloux, located in Franklin, Montérégie Quebec, we work hard and passionately to produce fruits, maple syrup and lamb of quality for the epicureans that you are!

Year after year, we carefully select our varieties of fruit. Whether we choose our strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, cherries or apples, we choose down to the best seeds to ensure the best quality and flavors.

For generations, la Ferme aux Mille Cailloux have always brought you a wide range of top quality maple products and we always will. We are also a proud producer of pasture-raised lambs following conscious and organic breeding model. Moreover, our many lamb products will certainly satisfy your taste buds. Come try them out!

Our farm is also open to the public. We will be happy to welcome you on our farm to pick-your-own fruits or to relax with your family or friends. It will be our pleasure to share our know-how and, who knows, maybe our passion at the same time!

In short, we have sent the invitation to you! Will you come to see us this summer?

La Ferme aux Mille Cailloux is proud to be among your agritourism attractions for the summer and fall of 2019!

We wish to thank our loyal customers, as well as all our new customers. Thanks to you, our year 2018 has been a great success and we're looking forward to serving you this year!

Louis-Charles and John-William.