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Organic Sheep Meat

Are you concerned in regards to the protection of the environment and are you particular when you decide to eat meat? We have a product for you. In partnership with the Ferme des Petits Moutons, we look after a sheep herd of about 200 ewes. Our lambs are raised with care following the Ecocert Canada organic certification standards. We feed our animals with the cereals we produce and let them enjoy the pastures. You can get our lamb products directly at the farm or in various summer public markets. We offer different cuts and some housemade products such as marinated skewers, keftas and meat pies.

For breeders, producers and restaurant owners

We are actively working towards maintaining the diamond status of the Meadis Visna virus sanitation program and we also participate in the Genovis program for productivity improvement by capturing production data from each ewe. Our animals, of the Polypay breed, are fed with the hay, barley and rye that we harvest in our meadows. We invite you to contact us with any questions and requests you may have.