Lamb Rearing

Lamb Rearing

Sheep Sector

In partnership with la Ferme des Petits Moutons, we are breeding a herd of 140 Polypay sheeps. Our sheep are bred with utmost care following the organic farming specifications. Our goal is to obtain the certification before 2020. We opted for a longer transition of four years since, not only the sheeps must be transitioned, but also the pastures, meadows and rye fields.

Organic Farming

We are currently in the process of building an intensive organic breeding model while maintaining a high level of animal welfare. Our herd has the Diamond status of the Meadis Visna virus sanitation program. We are also participating in the Genovis program to improve productivity by capturing production data for each ewe.

Top Grade Meat

The meat from our livestock is of high quality. Whether by our ewes' natural genetic selection, by the selection of the best hay plowers or by our own cereal production, our choices are not randomly made to make sure we create an ethical, environmental and delicious top grade meat.

You can discover our lamb products directly on the farm or at our summer markets where we are present in the summer. Explore our different cuts and processed products such as our marinated skewers, our lamb chops, our pates and much more.